About Power Surge

Why Power Surge

Why Power Surge

The Power Surge Organization offers many great things for those interested in a high level of softball. We are the oldest Travel Softball Organization in San Diego having started in 1992 which means stability. We are also the only Travel Softball Organization that has its own fields.

As for our players and moving to the next level of college softball our Power Surge Organization has placed dozens and dozens of girls in college with College Scholarships. From UCLA to Harvard and producing doctors and lawyers to school teachers and engineers. Power Surge is a great way to play hard and be seen by college recruiters at all the top College Showcase tournaments.

Finally, always represent Power Surge with class. Play the game fair and as parents support your daughters always in the positive. Cheer for our team and never be disrespectful of the other team. Treat all teams with class.

Location. Location. Location.

Power Surge is centrally located in San Diego, headquartered at Hickman Field in Clairemont Mesa. Don't be fooled by the "big" organizations that tell you only the best talent plays in Orange County and Los Angeles. San Diego has produced some of the best softball players in the country!

We Have It All

Power Surge has 4 fields, batting cages, pitching areas, warm-up space, top pitching & hitting coaches. And to add to that, we now have partnered with The Premiere sports analytics company in San Diego, The Line Training.

Player Development to College Recruiting

Power Surge has teams starting as young as 1st-year 10 & Under

Power Surge History

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